Herbed Goat Cheese Stuffed Peaches

Herbed Goat Cheese Stuffed Peaches

3 peaches
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
3 ounces goat chèvre
1 ½ teaspoons Herb Mix (see recipe)
1 ounce chopped walnuts
Salt & pepper to taste

Combine goat chèvre, herb mix and chopped walnuts.
Cut peaches in half and remove stone.
Toss peach halves in combined salt, pepper and olive oil.
Oil the grill well and grill peach halves on flat side until nice grill marks are achieved. Remove from grill and place ½ ounce of cheese mixture into the stone pit of the peach half. Can be reheated in oven just before serving.

Makes 6 peach halves stuffed

Herb Mix

4 tablespoons Fresh Parsley
1 tablespoon Fresh Rosemary
2 1/2 tablespoons Fresh Thyme
2 1/2 tablespoons Fresh Chives

Wash herbs well and allow to dry.
Fine chop all herbs and combine well.
Store in an air tight container with a lid.
Makes – 10 tablespoons

Disclaimer: All our recipes were originally designed for much larger batch size. This recipe has been reduced – but not tested at this scale. Please adjust as to your taste and portion size.

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